5 tips for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

With the increasing need of Eco-friendly products and ways to live, it’s not anymore about saving your costs for a better living but to pay back the society as a gesture of gratitude for consuming the resources the society and the nature provides you with. Conservation of the natural resources is the need of the moment and everyone should make efforts on their respective parts in order to protect and conserve it. But, this doesn’t imply that you have to cut off your designs and opt for something that is not vogue.

We provide you with a few eco-friendly bathroom ideas that will make your washrooms attractive and will also help you in saving some bucks, all the while being eco-friendly.

Dual Flush Low Toilets

Your search for an answer to reduce your water usage that is both highly efficient and demands fewer efforts ends now. Go no further and replace your archaic toilets with the latest and optimised dual flush toilets. These toilets provide less water consuming flush options which make them compliant to Watersense and CalGreen. Remodel your bathroom with the Zen One-Piece Toilet with Dual Flush System by Neptune (Featuring 1.1 gallons per flush (GPF) & Certified with Watersense) or you can go for the Ultramax II One-Piece Toilet with SanaGloss (Featuring Flow rate of 1.0 GPF (eco-friendly rate is below 1.2), Compliant to EPA Watersense & Compliant to CalGreen).

Bathroom tiles Serving Green

While you remodel your bathroom, a major contributor can be eco friendly tiles which serve both purposes of new trendy style while being green environmentally. Few of them are:

Glass Roots
These are manufactured using solar energy and use collected 100% post consumer glass from Montana region.

Blaze Stone Tiles
These are made from 100% recycled glass with no extra oxides or colorants.

Water Sense Showerheads

The amount of time we spend in the showers is the major consumption source of water in the house. With the increasing water scarcity, showerheads with upgraded sense need to be used. For this, Water sense Showerheads are invented which must be approved by a third party laboratory and certified that it uses less water with satisfactory water spray intensity.

Toilet Sinks

The type of sink chosen for your bathroom has a lasting impact on the environment. The sinks which are manufactured from recycled materials are eco-friendly choice for your bathroom which will make you contribute to the environment as a responsible citizen. You can go for the Ebb 36-Inch Sink (Wall mounted) which is manufactured from recycled steel with an eco friendly resin top & has cost efficient LED under-counter lighting. Another choice can be “Trough 4819 Drop In Sink”, manufactured through the combination of natural jute fibre and cement & certified with UPC.

Efficient Bathroom Lighting

Using the LEDs and low voltage lighting can save the electricity consumption significantly. With their long durability, they also add to the style of the bathroom with variants in colors.

A combination of navy blue lightings on the white walls can add a lustrous look to your building eco friendly bathroom.