Adams Multicare helps people solve the problem of what to do about dated kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Of course, they can always be replaced. But by refacing them instead, a similar improvement in appearance and function can be achieved for far less money. In a matter of days, your cabinets will be looking beautiful, working properly, and adding measurably to your home’s market value. 

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing refers to the process of installing new doors, drawer fronts, siding, and hardware to older cabinets to make them look new again. As long as the cabinet boxes are structurally sound, refacing is one of two ways to give the cabinets an attractive new exterior (the other is by refinishing them, discussed below). The old doors and drawer fronts are removed, and a thin layer of brand new wood called “veneer” is applied to the cabinet frames and exposed sidewalls. New doors and hinges are installed, as well as new knobs, pulls, and other hardware. In some cases, homeowners will choose to have the actual drawers and sliders replaced as well.

Refacing is Convenient and Affordable

The level of craftsmanship required to reface cabinets is a little beyond the ability of most homeowners, making do-it-yourself projects impractical. Fortunately, even a modest budget will be sufficient to allow the work to be performed by professional cabinet workers like the team at Adams Multicare. We are experts at veneering and hanging cabinet doors. We can quickly arrive at your home and provide a free quote. We will then take the necessary measurements, obtain the materials, and perform the work to your satisfaction. You will not even need to empty out the contents of your cabinets – dishes and other items can stay right where they are.

Add Molding and Cabinet Accessories

Oftentimes homeowners are tempted to undertake a complete remodel just so they can add design features to their cabinets. If you are in this situation, here is some good news. Adams Multicare can add the extra features you have been wanting as part of our cabinet refacing service. We can add crown molding around the top edge of your upper cabinets, and edge molding to cover the corner seams of your new veneer. We can also install special accessories like built-in racks, holders, and organizers. Refacing your cabinets with new doors and drawers is also a great time to add soft-close hardware.

Another Option – Cabinet Refinishing

If you are satisfied with your cabinet components and simply want to restore their color and feel, then refinishing may be the right choice. Cabinet refinishing consists of using a chemical treatment to strip the cabinets of their sealant and coloring, and then sanding the wood to prepare it for a new finish. We will help you select the right wood stain, which will then be carefully hand-applied, bringing out the natural tones and grain patterns of the cabinet wood. The process is completed by applying a durable polyurethane topcoat to ensure your cabinets look gorgeous for years to come.


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