Pet-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Everyone loves their pets. And the majority of the pets have a tendency to get curious about the kitchen. Well, this curiosity can cause harms to both your pets and your kitchen, if not taken care of. And the best way to take care of this problem is building a pet-friendly kitchen. Here are four awesome kitchen remodeling or renovation ideas from which both you and furry friends can be benefited.

Avoid Opting for Open Shelving

In case you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling, it’ll be a smart idea to avoid open shelving. There’s no doubt that open shelving can add a clean and nice appearance to your kitchen. However, with pets in the house, covered shelves seem the best for keeping your kitchen in proper condition and as well as maintain the safety of your cats and dogs. Plus, there are various designs of glass based cabinet doors available with which you can get the same kitchen appearance that the open shelving offers.

A Specific Place for Putting Pet Accessories

Try to keep a specific place in your kitchen for all the accessories of your pets. Be it their water bowls or their foods, having a specified spot for all these can not only help in achieving a well-organized look for your kitchen; but also save you from stumbling upon the food dishes on the floor every now and then. There are now various cabinet refinishing services, availing which you can easily manage separate spaces for your pets’ accessories. Consider hidden drawers with built-in containers for storing pet foods; so that when it’s time for your pet to eat, it becomes a pleasing and easy experience for both.

Sometimes Hidden Gates Can Be of Great Help

Have you ever thought about having hidden gates in your kitchen? If not, then start considering it now, if you want your pets out of the kitchen for some time. Whether you want your pet to stay out of the kitchen during a cleaning process or simply don’t want them to climb to your kitchen slab with all the foods on it, then the built-in sliding hidden gates can be of great help. While opting for remodeling services for your kitchen, just let the service providers know where and how you want the built in gates.

Have Space in Your Kitchen for Your Pet Too

Whether it’s a cat or a dog if your pet has a habit of following you and walking with you everywhere you go, then keeping enough space while doing a kitchen remodeling. If you like to keep your pet with you always, then all you have to do is proper space measurement. So that, no matter how large your pet is, both you and your pet can move around inside the kitchen with ease.

Achieving proper accommodation for your pets is very much possible if you do the planning and designing carefully. After all, no matter how you renovate your kitchen, it may have some impact on your beloved pets. So why not do it wisely then!