Porcelain finishes almost always wear down over time due to rough abrasive cleaners and normal wear and tear.

Eventually, the porcelain surface becomes very porous and begins to soak-up body oils, soaps, dirt and debris and traps them in there. This makes these fixtures extremely difficult to clean and leaves the surfaces looking grungy.

If your sinks, countertops, bathtubs or tiles have been getting harder and harder to maintain a fresh look, it is probably time to start thinking about having these porcelain fixtures refinished. Adams Refinishing can do this for you at a small fraction of the price that it would cost to replace these fixtures. Just because your porcelain surfaces have become worn down, does not mean that you have to start a new construction project and purchase all new fixtures — spending thousands of unnecessary dollars.

This is why Adams Refinishing is quickly becoming the “go to” company throughout the Tampa and Orlando areas for all of your porcelain refinishing needs. We take great pride in our work and when our professionally trained and highly skilled technicians start your project, they work with great care and treat your home as if it were their own.


Did You Know?

By having an expert refinish your porcelain surfaces and fixtures, it can add up to 20 more years of use in your home! The best part is that once we refinish your porcelain, it will look like a brand-new fixture — fooling everyone who sees it!

Contact us today to find out how quickly we can refinish your porcelain in an extremely short amount of time at a fraction of the cost!