What happens after you freshen up your kitchen with new flooring, paint or appliances?

You realize that your cabinets still look old and lifeless — taking the excitement out of the moment.

Maybe you have even been thinking about selling your house or already have it on the market, but you know that your kitchen needs some serious attention — especially your old and worn-out cabinets. Whatever your situation may be for wanting a new look for your kitchen cabinets in Tampa Bay, you basically have three options for obtaining it — replacing the cabinets, refacing them or having them refinished. Let us help you decide which one is right for you.

The process of replacing your kitchen cabinets is self-explanatory. You are choosing to replace your entire cabinet, including all of the hardware and accessories that goes along with it. This is done by hiring a company that will come in and basically gut your kitchen cabinets and start from scratch. This will give you the most dramatic change and longer life for your cabinets, but it also comes with a hefty price tag and longer time frame, keeping in mind that you will not be able to use or have access to your kitchen while the work is being done. This is a huge inconvenience considering that you need to be able to cook meals, wash dishes, get in and out of your refrigerator and everything else that you use your kitchen for. Your second option that is a little less radical and more cost efficient is to have your kitchen cabinets refaced. During this process, you still get new doors and drawer fronts, but the existing cabinet boxes remain in place and are covered with a veneer to coordinate the color and look of the new cabinet fronts. This is a nice option that gives you more control over what you want, but does not involve as much downtime being without the use of your kitchen.

Lastly, if your kitchen cabinets are in good shape and you still really like them, consider having them refinished. This is the most affordable and fastest way of bringing new life into your kitchen cabinets and updating your beloved room. Adams Refinishing is your specialist for Tampa kitchen cabinet refinishing and can have your kitchen looking like a brand-new room in almost no time at all — not to mention for a lot less money!


Not sure what’s right for your kitchen?

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