No single fixture makes as big of an impact on the overall appearance of a bathroom as the tub. For this reason, the bathtub is traditionally first on the list of items to be replaced when it comes time for a remodel. But with today’s resurfacing technologies, replacement is often unnecessary. At Adams Multicare, we can take your old porcelain, fiberglass, or acrylic bathtub and make it look brand new again. 

Extend the Life of Your Tub 

If you simply cannot stand the size or shape of your tub, it is probably time for a replacement. Otherwise, no matter how terrible your tub looks, you can add years or even decades to its useful life by hiring a professional refinishing service. Damage from abrasive cleaners, soap scum build-up, and chips and cracks can have your tub looking less than inviting. Rust and discoloration can also result from the common practice of letting soap and shampoo bottles sit on tub ledges, or even from using a suction cup bathmat. We can turn back the hands of time and give your tub a smooth, shiny clean look.

Our Tub Restoration Process 

Adams Multicare offers a thorough, professional-grade resurfacing process. This involves removing old caulking, etching the tub surface with an acid solution, sanding, masking, priming, and applying the top coat finish. Our technicians are always careful to protect surrounding surfaces from harm, and they make sure your bathroom is safely ventilated. We can also apply a slip resistant surface to the bottom of your tub, making it unnecessary to use a bathmat while showering. The quality of our tub restorations is above and beyond what you can expect from do-it-yourself kits or even less-reputable restoration companies in the area.

Fast Turnaround Times 

Nobody wants to be without a bathtub and shower. Similarly, the thought of dealing with remodeling workers conducting demolition, operating power tools, and walking in and out of your home for an extended period of time is overwhelming to say the least. A resurfacing service by Adams Multicare is a great alternative to a bathroom remodel. You can be bathing again in days instead of weeks. In no time at all, your tub will look so good that anyone who doesn’t know will swear it has been replaced. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at the before and after photographs in our website gallery.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Tub 

We understand there are other restoration companies offering bathtub resurfacing services. Adams Multicare rises above the others by treating your home like our own. After all, if you have decided to refinish your bathtub, obviously you care about it enough that you do not want it harmed by the misguided efforts of inexperienced or careless contractors. In fact, oftentimes our customers are extremely fond of their existing tubs. Whether we are refinishing a valuable antique, or simply giving new life to a stock tub that has seen better days, we handle each job with the utmost care.


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